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St. Sharbel Scapular Gift Bag
In honor of St Sharbel's Feast Day, July 24 The Maronite priests have specially blessed St Sharbel scapulars on his feast PLUS they touched them to first class relics of the following Lebanese saints for us! St Sharbel, St Maron, St Nimatullah Kassab, St Rafqa Pietra Choboq Ar-Rayes, Blessed Estphan Nehme (whose body is incorrupt). In the gift bags we have assembled for you, they contain one of these specially blessed scapulars touched to the 5 relics listed above, a bottle of St Sharbel oil, a copy of Preparations and Remedies which tells of the use of St Sharbel oil in the End Times (page 8) and how to extend the oil (page 40) and a prayer card for one of the saints whose relics were touched to your scapular, all in an organza gift bag! This is our free gift to anyone who makes a donation of $40 or more to the Association of the Precious Blood, while supplies last. Type in DONATIONONLY at checkout so you don't pay shipping.
St Michael the Archangel (SHORT) scapular
St Michael the Archangel (Kid's size) scapular. This scapular has a short set of cords. Good for youth or shorter folks...with tiny heads..
St. Michael Shield
St. Michael Shield scapular from the ancient confraternity of St Michael. Patron saint of ambulance drivers, EMTs, police officers, battle, danger at sea, boatmen, fencing, knights, mariners, paramedics, paratroopers, sailors, security forces, security guards, soldiers, storms at sea, swordsmiths, watermen, the sick, radiotherapists, radiologists, milleners, hatters, hat makers, haberdashers, grocers, greengrocers, the dying, coopers, bankers, banking, bakers, artists and against temptations.
The Blue Scapular
On April 13, 2004, Chris Courtis received a message from God the Father asking the whole world to have a devotion to His Fatherly Sacred Heart through this Blue Scapular. The Father said, "My dear children of the world, know that I do not come to punish you but to simply ask you to return to Me. This is the whole purpose of the scapular and of the hearts that are being given to you, to help you along your journey home, not to punish, but to call you back." The propagation of this scapular is approved while Chris' Bishop examines the messages and teachings from this apparition. We submit ourselves entirely to the judgment of Holy Mother Church when she finally rules on this event. Price includes a booklet with information about the scapular and the indulgenced image.
The Blue Scapular Bundle
This bundle contains the Blue Scapular of God the Father and both the image and Chaplet of Mary, Our Lady, Mother of Mercy. This is everything you need to receive the graces Our Lady promised for those who celebrate her feast day and pray the Novena (beginning May 16th) leading up to her feast on May 25th. The bundle comes with complete instructions. More messages can be found online at the web address in the bundle.
House Blessing Kit
The House Blessing Kit is our FREE GIFT to those who donate $150 or more to help us replace our old, broken computers, printers and technology. This kit contains 12 pounds of exorcism blessed salt (safe for human consumption) blessed on the Feast of the Epiphany, and twelve 1" stainless steel Benedictine Crucifixes blessed on St Benedict's Feast Day by Benedictine priests at their monastery. You will also receive the new booklet "Blessings of Salt, Water, Oil & Homes." Directions for blessing your home are included in the booklet as well as all the prayers to have your local priest bless more salt, water and oil according to the Traditional Rite of the Catholic Church from the 1946 "Book of Blessings." A larger House Blessing Kit is our FREE GIFT for a $200 donation that contains 16 pounds of exorcism blessed salt, 20 of the specially blessed Benedictine Crucifixes and the "Blessings of Salt, Water, Oil & Homes" booklet, and a plastic scoop. You should have one Benedictine Crucifix mounted above every exterior door and window of your home and enough blessed salt to sprinkle it around the foundation of your home as well as around the perimeter of your property. For a donation of $30 or more, we will send you a velvet pouch of 12 specially blessed Benedictine Crucifixes. See the drop down menu below. To receive FREE SHIPPING on your House Blessing Kit going to any address, anywhere in the USA, enter DONATIONONLY at checkout to bypass the auto-generated shipping charge on your donation.
Agonizing Crucifix on Red Oak
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These Agonizing Crucifixes are also proudly handmade here in the USA from American Red Oak. This stunning hardwood has the typical pronounced oak grain but with a very soft golden, pink or peach blush to the wood. The corpuses are hand-cast and hand-painted here in America. Each one is uniquely different due to the coloring of the wood, the pattern of the grain, and the hand painted features. No two are exactly alike. This crucifix measures 17" tall and 9" wide. Our Lord said, "I promise to protect any house where this crucifix is against any destructive power in the hour of darkness." ALL AGONIZING CRUCIFIXES ARE DELAYED DUE TO THE CATASTROPHIC FIRE WE SUFFERED IN OUR WAREHOUSE THAT DESTROYED OUR TEMPLATES, MOLDS, MASTERS AND EVERYTHING WE HAD. BY GOD'S GRACE WE HAVE FOUND AN ORIGINAL THAT WAS UNTOUCHED AND WE ARE NOW ABLE TO BEGIN THE PROCESS OF REBUILDING OUR CRUCIFIX MANUFACTURING.PINE ARE NOW AVAILABLE WITH OTHER WOODS TO FOLLOW! IF YOU DESIRE A REFUND ON A PURCHASE THAT HAS NOT SHIPPED, PLEASE EMAIL US AT PRECIOUSBLOODAMERICA@YAHOO.COM
Small Pardon Crucifix
This pocket-sized crucifix is 2 1/4 inches long, 1 3/8" wide and 1/4" deep (to the top of Jesus' crown). It comes in a clear plastic bag. It is highly indulgenced by Pope Pius X. "Whoever, at the moment of death, fortified with the sacraments of the church or at least contrite of heart in the supposition of being unable to receive them, will kiss this crucifix and ask pardon of God for his sins, and pardon his neighbor, will gain a PLENARY INDULGENCE." These are rust-free and can be hung above your windows and doors on the outside of your home as a protection against evil.
This jug comes with 4 pounds of Epiphany Exorcism Blessed Salt. It has a screw on lid to help keep the salt nice and dry and an easy-carry handle. It is easy to pour or sprinkle around your property in this convenient, easy to store, space saving jug! This is our FREE GIFT to you for a donation of $15 or more to our ministry.
BASE ONLY for Agonizing Crucifix in PINE
THIS PRICE IS FOR THE WOODEN BASE ONLY. YOU MUST ORDER THE CRUCIFIX SEPARATELY! These bases DO NOT fit the Olivewood, Red Oak nor the old round-ended Crucifixes. These solid pine bases are very sturdy, smooth and beautiful in their simplicity. The dimensions are 7 7/8 inches wide, 4 1/2" deep and 1 3/4" tall. For best results, request a base made of the same wood as your crucifix.

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