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St. Michael the Archangel car scapular
This has a short loop good for hanging on hotel doorknobs when traveling or the rear view mirror of your vehicle. Patron saint of ambulance drivers, EMTs, police officers, battle, danger at sea, boatmen, fencing, knights, mariners, paramedics, paratroopers, sailors, security forces, security guards, soldiers, storms at sea, swordsmiths, watermen, the sick, radiotherapists, radiologists, milleners, hatters, hat makers, haberdashers, grocers, greengrocers, the dying, coopers, bankers, banking, bakers, artists and against temptations. This scapular has a short loop, good for hanging on a hotel door knob, a teenager's rear view mirror or a dorm room door knob.
Green scapular (SHORT LOOP)
This is the scapular of amazing conversions! Hide it in the room, under the bed, in the wallet or under the chair of an unsuspecting person in need of conversion and pray the prayer daily in the booklet that is included. Our Lady promises a conversion! Send us your testimonies!
Pardon Crucifix in a small wallet
This pocket-sized crucifix is 2 1/4 inches long, 1 3/8" wide and 1/4" deep (to the top of Jesus' crown). It comes in a black folding wallet with a Sacred Heart badge and a leaflet telling its story and listing all the approbations. It is highly indulgenced by Pope Pius X. "Whoever, at the moment of death, fortified with the sacraments of the church or at least contrite of heart in the supposition of being unable to receive them, will kiss this crucifix and ask pardon of God for his sins, and pardon his neighbor, will gain a PLENARY INDULGENCE." A powerful safety net for salvation to keep in your pocket or purse!
St Therese, the little flower scapular
This is a brown scapular with an image of St Therese of the Little Flower on one side.
Green scapular, The scapular of conversion
The scapular of conversion & healing! You can pray the short prayer on the scapular for the person, if they will not pray it themselves. Same as the Green Scapular short loop but this one has a longer cord so it can be worn around the neck.
Passion scapular
This is not the 5-Fold scapular. This is only the Passion scapular.
Trinitarian scapular
The Order of the Most Holy Trinity was founded in the area of Cerfroid, some 80 km northeast of Paris, at the end of the twelfth century. Papal documents refer to the founder as St. John de Matha, whose feast day is celebrated on 17 December. The founding-intention for the Order was the ransom of Christians held captive by non-Christians, a consequence of crusading and of pirating along the Mediterranean coast of Europe. Its distinctive cross of red and blue can be traced to its beginnings. This scapular is worn for the release of captives, of those held in bondage. (That could be to Freemasonry, the occult, addictions, etc)
St. Patrick scapular
This scapular has an image of St Patrick on one side and the promise of the brown scapular on the other side.
Five-fold Passion scapular
Five-fold Passion scapular: To receive 433 plenary indulgences and numerous partial indulgences for the poor souls in Purgatory and for the protection of your purity. 1.The Trinity Scapular (white) 2.The Scapular of the Seven Dolors (black) 3.The Scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (brown) 4. The Immaculate Conception Scapular (blue) 5. The Passion Scapular (red)
St. Sharbel Scapular
NEW ITEM! St. Sharbel Scapular.

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