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Face of Christ on Canvas (22in x 28in)
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Face of Christ on Canvas (22in x 28in). This beautiful Face of Christ is how Our Lord appeared to the young boy to whom He communicated these visions. It is a beautiful piece to frame and hang in your home. MOUNTED: Face of Christ on Canvas (22in x 28in) stretched and mounted on a 1" x 2" wood frame and coated with a clear preservative, ready to frame. UNMOUNTED: Your canvas is coated with a clear preservative and gently rolled and shipped in a tube for you to mount at home.
Price: $139.95

Rosewood Box


This is a highly polished solid rosewood box with white leather padding inside. A truly exquisite display box for your badge or any other keepsake or religious pin. (Pin is not included. Price is for the box only)
Price: $18.95

Replacement Rubber Backing


Did you lose your pin backing? Do you need a spare? This is a replacement rubber backing for the Seal of the Living God pin. Your pin comes with a backing on it already, but if you have lost or misplaced yours, this replacement is now available! The soft rubber protects your clothing from snags and also supports the anchor spike which prevents your pin from spinning.
Price: $0.75

Face of Christ T-Shirt


Our Lady asked us to pray "Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world" 500 times a day! Wear this heavyweight, 100% cotton T-shirt out for the day and everyone behind you will be praying the prayer for you! Great evangelization tool. Printed with an 8 color process for deep, rich color; this is not your average "cheap shirt." Sizes listed are men's sizes.
Price: $19.99

10" Crown of Thorns from the Holy Land


These crowns are harvested from thorn bushes growing in the Holy Land. They are wound into Crowns then transported back to Bethlehem, where the Christian artist dries them on pegs for 30 days. When fully dry, they are boxed and shipped to us here. Each crown comes with a beautiful certificate of authenticity. Request the language you would like to receive your certificate in. This crown measures approximately 10 inches in diameter not including the length of the thorns.
Price: $18.95

Exorcism blessed salt


Exorcism blessed salt can be used in the blessing of your home; sprinkle it in your food or drink, or sprinkle it around the foundation of your home and the perimeter of your property to protect it. The nominal donation we ask covers the materials and packaging. The blessing is free. Refills are free if you stop by! Please contact us with your testimonies of any favors granted through the use of this sacramental.
Price: $0.50

Exorcism Blessed Water


Exorcism blessed water can be used in the Blessing of your Home, sprinkling in your food or water, filling your holy water fonts at home, blessing yourself or your loved ones or sprinkling around your home or yard. DO NOT SPRINKLE EXORCISM BLESSED WATER ON METAL OBJECTS BECAUSE THE SALT IN THE WATER MAY DISCOLOR AND/OR PIT YOUR ITEMS! This is our gift to anyone who makes a $1 or more donation to our operating fund.
Price: $1.00

Plastic bottle (4 oz.) Empty, NO LABEL


Plastic bottle (4 oz.). These unbreakable blue bottles are great for any kind of liquids around the house, in your backpack or purse, or to use while traveling. They are 4oz bottles, the size requested by TSA. Price is for an empty bottle and cap without a label.
Price: $1.00

Exorcism Blessed Salt in 4 oz plastic bottle


Plastic bottle (4 oz.) with a black flip-top cap. These unbreakable blue bottles come filled with free Exorcism Blessed Salt. Refills are free if you stop by! Donation $1.
Price: $1.00



This jug comes with 4 pounds of Exorcism Blessed Salt. It has a screw on lid to help keep the salt nice and dry and an easy-carry handle. It is easy to pour or sprinkle around your property in this convenient, easy to store, space saving jug! This is our gift to you for a donation of $10 or more to our operating fund.
Price: $10.00

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