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Healing of Families Audio CD


This is NINE hours of Fr Ssemakula's teachings during a Healing of Families conference. There is lots of great material that is not covered in the Healing of Families book. However, this CD is in an MP3 format and not all CD players can play it. Newer cars, Bose stereos and a few others can. If you cannot play it, contact us for a full refund of your purchase price.
Price: $10.00

Healing of Families by Fr. Yozefu Ssemakula
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The most comprehensive method of ridding oneself of all family bondages, health issues that run in families, behavioral issues that run through your bloodline, how to rid yourself of exposure to the occult, and bitter impossible-to-bear hardships of this life. Fr. Ssemakula walks you through how to close all satan's access points and leave him outside for good! Get the book and read the material, then join us for a live teleconference by phone and see the difference this makes in your life! You will be so happy you did.
Price: $20.00

Healing of Families "Quick One" Prayer Booklet
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A great companion to the Healing of the Families book, the "Quick One" is a portable, convenient, pocket-sized booklet that is easy to carry without having to lug the book around. This is helpful for the "sweeping up" one must do after attending the Paraliturgy to get the last of the family bondages cleared out and cleaned up.
Price: $3.00

Healing of Families OLD LAYOUT  "Quick One" prayer card


This is the old "Quick One" prayer card design. It is printed on heavy-weight card stock folded in fourths. It has small print and is the original layout for Fr Ssemakula's Quick One prayer card. We now have a new layout that has larger print and is in an easy to carry pocket-sized booklet. For those who loved the older ones, this is the last of them. When these are gone, there will be no more! ENGLISH ONLY
Price: $2.00

Preparations and Remedies
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A booklet of preparations and remedies given to us by Our Lord and Our Lady through the visionary and stigmatist, Julie Marie Jahenney in the late 1800's, with a view for the End Times. A good resource to have before things get tough. We have sampled some of these remedies here and they really work well!
Price: $6.95

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Maria Valtorta, "The GOSPEL AS REVEALED TO ME." Did you ever wonder what the Lord did after he fed the 5000 people after the Sermon on the Mount, or what happened after he changed the water into wine at the wedding in Cana? Walk with mystic Maria Valtorta as she journeyed all over the Holy Land with Jesus and his followers, narrating the events, sights, sounds and smells of life at the time of Jesus. She was a bedridden woman who was given the great gift of being able to walk with Jesus through his life and describe in colorful detail, all she experienced. You will fall in love with Jesus as you witness his daily kindnesses, sufferings and joys of his life on earth. Click DETAILS above for more!
Price: $34.95

Communion in the Hand by Bishop Juan Rodolfo Laise
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This block-buster book contains all the Vatican documents (in their original Latin and also translated) that most Bishops have never laid eyes on! Bishop Laise's meticulous research into who was behind the push for Communion in the Hand after Vatican II and how they pulled it off; is a fascinating read and the only book of its kind. Every Catholic Bishop and priest should read this!
Price: $16.95

Great Month of July Messages & Meditations, Vol 1


Finally in print! Here it is! Our first volume of messages from the ongoing apparitions in Nigeria to a young man named Barnabas Nwoye. These messages are a wonderful supplement to your Great Month of July Novenas since the book contains one message and meditation for each day of the novenas (with a couple extra ones for the days in between!) The book is paperback, approximately 60 pages.
Price: $7.95

Divine Intimacy by Fr Gabriel of St Mary Magdalene


Meditations on the interior life for every day of the year following the liturgical cycle. Fr Gabriel was a master in the spiritual life. He was highly skilled at bringing those under his care (most of the priests in Rome between 1925 and 1944) into union with Christ. He died in the odor of sanctity, as did many of those whom he had taught. This book was out of print for years, but recently reprinted and back in circulation with a leather cover and gold trimmed pages. It is sure to be a well-appreciated gift by both clergy and laity alike. A careful daily meditation on the short but powerful writings will change your spiritual life for the better very quickly.
Price: $59.95

Spiritual Warfare Bible


There is a battle waging for your soul. But you can arm yourself, and this Spiritual Warfare Bible is the perfect weapon against Satan. There is no better way to Our Lord than by reflecting on His own words and actions in Scripture. 1586 pages. Premium Ultrasoft leather cover. Silver edged pages. Stamp the cover with your name in a matching silver foil for an additional $12.95 This Spiritual Warfare Bible RSV-CE includes nine special Spiritual Warfare inserts written and compiled by Paul Thigpen, PhD, author of the acclaimed Manual for Spiritual Warfare, including: • Scripture for the Battle • Know Your Enemy • Know Your Commander and Comrades • Know Your Weapons • Church Teaching About Spiritual Warfare • Words from Saints about Spiritual Warfare • Spiritual Warfare in the Lives of the Saints • Prayers for the Battle • Spiritual Warfare Topical Index
Price: $69.95

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