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In Latin, the response "Ora pro nobis" is made when we ask a single individual to pray for us. The response "Orate pro nobis" is used when we ask two or more to pray for us.
All responses are printed in bold. Choose either English or Latin and only respond when you see a star*.

Latin:                                           English:
          Kyrie, eleison                               Lord, have mercy on us
                    Christe,                                        Christ, have mercy on us
          Kyrie, eleison                               Lord, have mercy on us
Christe, audi nos                          Christ, hear us
Christe,                                               Christ,
    exaudi nos                                graciously hear us
Pater de coelis                            God, the Father
Deus*                                          of Heaven*
*Miserere nobis                          *Have mercy on us
Fili Redemptor                             God the Son,
Mundi Deus*                                Redeemer of the world*
Spiritus sancte
                                           God the Holy Spirit*
Sancta Trinitas                             Holy Trinity
unus Deus*                                   one God*
Sancta Maria*                              Holy Mary*
*Ora(te) pro nobis                       *Pray for us
Sancta Dei Genetrix                     Holy Mother of God*
Sancta Virgo virginum*               Holy Virgin of virgins*
Sancte Michael*                           Saint Michael*
Sancte Gabriel*                           Saint Gabriel*
Sancte Raphael*                          Saint Raphael*
Omnes sancti Angeli                    All ye holy angels
Et Archangeli*                            and Archangels*
Omnes sancti beatorum              All ye holy orders
Spirituum ordines*                      of blessed spirits*
Sancte Ioannes                             Saint John the
Baptista*                                      Baptist*
Sancte Ioseph*                             Saint Joseph*
Omnes sancti                               All ye holy Patriarchs
Patriarchae, Et Prophetae*       and Prophets*
Sancte Petre*                              Saint Peter*
Sancte Paule*                              Saint Paul*
Sancte Andrea*                           Saint Andrew*
Sancte Iacobe*                            Saint James*
Sancte Ioannes*                           Saint John*
Sancte Thoma*                            Saint Thomas*
Sancte Iacobe*                            Saint James*
Sancte Philippe*                         Saint Philip*
Sancte Bartholomaee*                Saint Bartholomew*
Sancte Matthaee*                       Saint Matthew*
Sancte Simon*                            Saint Simon*
Sancte Thaddaee*                       Saint Thaddeus*
Sancte Mathia*                           Saint Matthias*
Sancte Barnaba*                        Saint Barnabas*
Sancte Luca*                              Saint Luke*
Sancte Marce*                            Saint Mark*
Omnes sancti Apostoli                All ye holy Apostles
Et Evangelistae*                        and Evangelists*
Omnes sancti Discipuli               All ye holy Disciples
Domini*                                      of Our Lord*
Omnes sancti                              All ye holy
Innocentes*                                 innocents*
Sancte Stephane*                       Saint Stephen*
Sancte Laurenti*                        Saint Lawrence*
Sancte Vincenti*                         Saint Vincent*
Sancti Fabiane et                       Saints Fabian and
Sebastiane*                                Sebastian*
Sancti Ioannes et Paule*           Saints John and Paul*
Sancti Cosma et                         Saints Cosmas and
Damiane*                                  Damian*
Sancti Gervasi et                       Saints Gervase and
Protasi*                                     Protase*
Omnes sancti Martyres*           All ye holy Martyrs*
Sancte Silvester*                       Saint Sylvester*
Sancte Gregori*                        Saint Gregory*
Sancte Ambrosi*                       Saint Ambrose*
Sancte Augustine*                    Saint Augustine*
Sancte Hieronyme*                   Saint Jerome*
Sancte Martine*                       Saint Martin*
Sancte Nicolae*                        Saint Nicholas*
Omnes sancti Pontifices           All ye holy Bishops
Et Confessores*                        and Confessors*
Omnes sancti Doctores*           All ye holy Doctors*
Sancte Antoni*                         Saint Anthony*
Sancte Benedicte*                    Saint Benedict*
Sancte Bernarde*                     Saint Bernard*
Sancte Dominice*                     Saint Dominic*
Sancte Francisce*                    Saint Francis*
Omnes sancti Sacerdotes          All ye holy Priests
Et Levitae*                              and Levites*
Omnes sancti Monachi            All ye holy Monks
Et Eremitae*                           and Hermits*
Sancta Maria                           Saint Mary
Magdalena*                            Magdalene*
Sancta Agatha*                      Saint Agatha*
Sancta Lucia*                         Saint Lucy*
Sancta Agnes*                        Saint Agnes*
Sancta Caecilia*                     Saint Cecilia*
Sancta Catharina*                 Saint Catherine*
Sancta Anastasia*                  Saint Anastasia*
Omnes sanctae Virgines         All ye holy Virgins
Et Viduae*                             and Widows*
Omnes Sancti et                    All ye holy men and
Sanctae Dei                           women, Saints of God
Intercedite pro nobis             Interceed for us
Propitius esto                        Be merciful
Parce nos, Domine                Spare us, O Lord
Propitius esto                        Be merciful
Exaudi nos                            Graciously hear us,
Domine                                  O Lord
Ab omni malo*                      From all evil*
*Libera nos, Domine           *O Lord, deliver us
Ab omni peccato*                 From all sin*
Ab ira tua*                            From Thy wrath*
A subitanea et                        From a sudden and
Improvisa morte*                  unprovided death*
Ab insidiis                              From the deceits of
Diaboli*                                the devil*
Ab ira, et odio, et omni         From anger, hatred,
Mala voluntate*                   and all ill-will*
A spiritu                                From the spirit
Fornicationis*                      of fornication*
A fulgare et                           From lightning
Tempestate*                         and tempest*
A flagello                              From the scourge
Terraemotus*                      of earthquake*
A peste, fame,                      From plague, famine,
Et bello*                              and war*
A morte perpetua*               From everlasting death*
Per mysterium sanctae        Through the mystery of
Incarnationis tuae*             Thy Holy Incarnation*
Per adventum tuum*           Through Thy coming*
Per nativitatem tuam*         Through Thy Nativity*
Per baptismum et                 Through Thy Baptism
Sanctum ieiunium tuum*      and holy fasting*
Per crucem et                       Through Thy Cross
Passionem tuam*                 and Passion*
Per mortem et                      Through Thy death
Sepulturam tuam*                and Burial*
Per sanctam                         Through Thy holy
Resurrectionem tuam*         Resurrection*
Per admirabilem                  Through Thine admirable
Ascensionem tuam*             Ascension*
Per adventum                      Through the coming
Spiritus Sancti                      of the Holy Spirit,
Paracliti*                             the Paraclete*
In die iudicii*                       In the day of Judgement*
Peccatores*                         We sinners*
*Te rogamus,                      *We beseech Thee
audi nos                               hear us
Ut nobis parcas*                That Thou wouldst spare us*
Ut nobis                              That Thou wouldst
indulgeas*                           pardon us*
Ut ad veram
paenitentiam                         That Thou wouldst nos perducere bring us to
digneris*                             true penance*
Ut Ecclesiam tuam             That Thou wouldst
sanctam regere, et              govern and preserve
conservare digneris*          Thy Holy Church*
Ut Domnum apostolicum,   That Thou wouldst
et omnes ecclesiasticos        preserve our Apostolic
ordines in sancta                 Prelates and all
religione conservare           ecclesiastical orders in
digneris*                             the holy religion*
Ut inimicos sanctae            That Thou wouldst
Ecclesiae humiliare            humble the enemies
digneris*                            of Thy Holy Church*
Ut Regibus et Principibu   That Thou wouldst Christianis
pacem e                             give peace and true
Veram concordiam           concord to Christian
donare digneris*               kings and princes*
Ut cuncto populo              That Thou wouldst grant
christiano pacem              peace and unity
et unitatem largiri            to all Christian
digneris*                          people*
Ut omnes errantes           That Thou wouldst
ad unitatem                     bring back to the unity
Ecclesiae revocare,         of the Church all those
et infidels                         who have strayed from
universos ad                    the truth, and lead
evangelii lumen               to the light of the
perducere digneris*         Gospel all unbelievers*
Ut nosmetipsos                 in That Thou wouldst
tuo sancto           confirm and
servitio confortare, et           preserve us in
conservare digneris*          Thy holy service*
Ut mentes nostras ad          That Thou wouldst
caelestia desideria          lift up our minds to
erigas*            heavenly desires*
Ut omnibus           That Thou wouldst
benefactoribus          render eternal
nostris sempiterna          blessings to all
bona retribuas*          our benefactors*
Ut animas nostras          That Thou
fratrum, propinquorum,          wouldst deliver
et benefactorum          our souls and those
nostrorum           of our brethren,

ab aeterna          relations, and
damnatione           benefactors from
eripias*           eternal damnation*
Ut fructus terrae           That Thou wouldst
dare et conservare           give and preserve
digneris*          the fruits of the earth*
Ut omnibus fidelibus          That Thou wouldst
defunctis requiem           give eternal rest
aeternam donare           to all the faithful
digneris*            departed*
Ut nos exaudire           That Thou wouldst digneris* graciously hear us* Jesu, Fili Jesus, Son of the
Dei Vivi*          Living God*
Agnus Dei,          Lamb of God,
qui tollis          Who takes away
peccata mundi           the sins of the world
Parce nobis, Domine          Spare us, O Lord
Agnus Dei,          Lamb of God,
qui tollis           Who takes away
peccata mundi           the sins of the world
Exaudi nos,           Graciously hear us
Domine           O Lord
Agnus Dei,           Lamb of God,
qui tollis           Who takes away
Peccata mundi           the sins of the world
Miserere nobis           Have mercy on us
Christe, audi nos          Christ, hear us
Christe,           Christ,
exaudi nos           graciously hear us
Kyrie, eleison           Lord, have mercy
Kyrie, eleison           Lord, have mercy
Christe, eleison           Christ, have mercy
Christe, eleison           Christ, have mercy
Kyrie, eleison           Lord, have mercy
Krie, eleison           Lord, have mercy
Consecration Prayer to the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ

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