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3-day candle in a crackled double Old Fashioned glass


Our pillars are 3 x 3" and 12oz, they burn for 3 days and 15 minutes. The candles are now replaceable once they burn out or you can clean out the Double Old Fashioned glass and start a collection! These restaurant quality glasses have a generous sprinkling of bubbles through the glass so as your candle burns down, a delightful pattern of dancing points of light is shed on your table. Available with a smooth or honeycomb pillar candle.
List Price: 25.95
Price: 23.95

3-day candle, 12 oz, in a pillar (3 x 3)
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Our 3" x 3" 100% beeswax pillar candles smell so amazingly sweet! They fill the house with the smell of honey on toast. Every batch is a slightly different color depending on what the bees are harvesting at that time ranging from light yellow to a light brown. If you want to match candles, please order them all at the same time so we can source them all from the same batch of wax. We label each candle with the state we sourced the beeswax from. Each candle burns for 3 days and 15 minutes according to our tests.
List Price: 17.95
Price: 17.95

12 Tapered candlesticks, one pair
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These beautiful 100% beeswax tapers are 2" taller than our previous candles. They come in a light yellow wax to a darker tan colored wax (depending on what the bees were harvesting at the time). Beeswax burns slower then paraffin and is "drip free" so your candles will last through many a celebration. Only beeswax candles clean the air while they burn by releasing negative ions. Other candles do not. Our boxes are printed in three different languages so please choose whichever language you prefer.
List Price: 12.98
Price: 9.98

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